April 24th, 2003



upon getting up this morning i realized right away that i couldn't take today off like i was thinking i could last night. not that i have that much to do: i need to comment on about five students' annotated bibliographies and topic proposals. that won't take long but first i have to get myself to actually start. that is the hard part.

but this means i can't both do laundry and go for a walk but that is ok because i received two new tshirts in the mail today. one more day of unfavorite socks and then will do laundry tomorrow after school.

ha. i think now i will do laundry tomorrow after school. we'll see how that turns out. really i want to get my hair cut but the sock situation is more crucial than the hair situation at this point. i haven't yet started having those dreams where my hair is shoulder-length and i am afraid i look like a girl again even with a full beard.

oh and i have to scoop the cat boxes. joy.
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taking stock

something in my burrito tasted like valerian and now every time i burp i get the aura of a damp forest floor. this is why i like the taste of valerian.

i didn't do a damned thing today.
i did not do laundry.
i did not look at my students' papers.
i did not go for a walk.

i did scoop the cat boxes and i did take out the recycling and i did pick up a few groceries. the one thing i have to remember is there used to be days where doing this much would have warranted some great reward like chocolate or a bottle of fizzy water.

tomorrow i must get up early to do some of the things i did not do today.

the mail carrier rang the doorbell today at noon sending me bounching down from my loft to the front door because i knew the package was for me. inside the package were two tshirts: one plain black because although i have many many black tshirts most of them have something printed on them and of the ones that don't all but three of them have faded to an unwearable color. it is hard to find black tshirts that stay within the gray-black color continuum with repeated washings.

the other was the beer song tshirt i found months ago and finally decided would make good dorky attire for hanging out in pubs with b and e.

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