May 4th, 2003


coming to

today got all sidetracked by my personal version of hell. this didn't keep me from walking 2 miles to check out shelf-sized stereos and then 2 miles back pondering my credit card balances. in fact for a while i forgot i was in hell at all. v b (jackson says hi!)

in any case it has subsided for the time being.

i could have done a hundred things today if not for this. or at least i could have thought about doing them and then gotten progressively more depressed as the day wore on and i saw i only had time for one or two. as is i did not have the chance to get depressed for that particular reason.

silver linings.
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the way sundays should always have gone

up at noon.
coffee coffee biscuit.
more coffee.
b calls.
meet b out front.
beer at bar.
sausage from grill next door to bar.
more beer.
another beer.
thinking about buying that boombox while feeling somewhat bad about eating sausage but then thinking i don't do it that often and so am less than a drop in the sea of carnivorous commerce.
perhaps a walk while still a bit woozy from beer.
bed a good five hours away.
how to fill time.
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two months later the printer is set up.

it is big and ugly. after taking it out of the box and after looking at the current offerings in the compact stereo market, i am thinking that humans should not be allowed to design things in plastic anymore. we should go back to metal and start again.

it does print nicely. and the print head is very quiet but the paper feed mechanism clunks and clanks and carries on. jackson will be happy. anything moderately noisy is a fascinating mystery to him.

i put my old trusty stylewriter in the epson box and put the box back where it has been sitting all this time being used as a table. it is really handy so think i will keep it there for awhile.

there is absolutely nothing left to say.
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