May 12th, 2003


adventures in sleep

i knew that keeping up with the severe weather in the midwest and south would have untoward consequences some night. this morning i was dreaming of one tornado after another hitting the house i grew up in while i was inexplicably visiting in the spring. it finally occured to me that i might be dreaming because prior to the storms some very strange things had happened that i knew could only happen in a dream, so i closed my eyes and spun head over heels into another dream, this time one of waking up in some room that was supposed to be my room here in San Francisco but i knew i was still dreaming because my bed was not up in the air.

with that my alarm went off.

i did not drag myself out of bed till 8:15 though because much of last night was spent waking up coughing or waking up to jackson's raspy tongue grooming my forehead or arm. for some reason he was feeling particularly responsible for my cleanliness. either that or he was hungry.

now i have to convince myself to get dressed and go to school. i want to go back to bed.
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school's out for summer

well not entirely but today was the last class meeting. tonight in celebration i will have a beer. i might have two. i might have more than two, but not many more because i am still congested and still tired and have no energy for partying into the night. i'm not even sure i'll make it past 8pm. i kind of want to take a nap right now.
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this corrosion

the green salsa was so hot tonight it made me cry.
now it is burning through my stomach lining.
i hesitate to think what body part it will be ravaging by morning.
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