May 29th, 2003

mutts earl

ten more minutes

the papers are graded. the attendance sheets tabulated. the posts counted. now all I have to do is transfer a few grades from one file to another and then see if the numbers make sense when added up. if so it will be a triumph for the spreadsheet-ignorant everywhere.

this took longer than I thought it would. I should have started a week ago.

oh well!
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mutts shadow

almost free but not quite

I've done all I can until I hear from j about a couple of missing grades. the outcome so far is gratifyingly good: the only ones who didn't do well were the ones who either stopped coming to class weeks ago or never turned in papers (and kept coming to class but I don't know why).

so I don't know if their doing well had anything to do with me but there was an improvement in overall grades between paper two and paper three so somewhere someone must have said something helpful to them.

I think it was because I assigned Beckett and Stein.
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mutts earl

poem #3/100

I thought my glasses were crooked but it's my face.
I shouldn't have spent babyhood running in place.
In two weeks more the floor will fall through.
Instead of my chores I have figures to do.

This minute no thoughts are imposing their grace.
This way he brought a whip and a trace.
For only after great pains will the horse turn to glue.
For now please explain why this is not at all true.

It isn't likely that you could take up so much space.
It seemed no one had suitable shoes for any sort of a race.
One is uncertain at times if it is possible to be through.
One only commits crimes in multiples of two.
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