June 6th, 2003

mutts earl

the rolling stone interview

wow! so many questions so quickly! I will finish these tonight during my friday night party at the computer time. maybe I will write some of my answers in verse and so kill two birds as they say. not that I would want to kill any birds.
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shower meme I - daisydumont's questions

these answers got a bit long. this probably has something to do with the evening's poor man's speedball of coffee and beer.

1) when you chose the name Erik, why did you spell it with a K instead of the more usual (at least to americans) C?

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2) i know about jackson and about your nick, Catdoc. can you articulate what there is about cats that pleases you so much? do you feel that cats are like you (or you are like cats), or is it more a matter of opposites attracting?

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3) at what age did you start reading gertrude stein? did you like her style right away, or did it grow on you? does she as a person hold meaning for you?

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4) if i could award you a year's paid sabbatical starting tomorrow, where would you go? what kind of things would you do with the year, if you didn't have to worry about classes, teaching, or finances?

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5) do you take greater pleasure in the poems you write than you did in the music you made when you were in a band? can they be meaningfully compared? which do you love more, music or poetry?

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