June 7th, 2003


twentyfour hours

I decided to stay up all night. soon it will be dawn and I will be wondering how it got so light out so soon after going to sleep.

I've written answers to most of your questions but must wait until the cold light of noon to see if they say the right things. in the meantime here is what passes for number eight or the next few paragraphs to rock keeps paper:

one more than was needed. worthy of a cinematic end. mechanically nothing was wrong but how the smoke poured out of it heedlessly. what does satan stand for for standing for is all he does. that could be read both ways and had I thought of it I would have said it out loud. the duel erupts into a leaden riot where tire irons are the weapon of choice.

depending always upon something introduced from outside. this is the sin isn't it. sometimes you don't even know they are standing there. what I meant was nicely outlined with roman numerals filling in for the real thing. anything can be the glue. did he intend to do that. I mouth the words that you wish to say. in this way you stay near me.

is it a coincidence that there is always a suitable phrase. within a finite number a finite number but not exactly as you can add another at every turn. a threadbare carpet and the attic that captivated me. sixty year old dry wood was the smell and clean and why did you not leave me there.

arm in arm. if I lean to the side it hurts less. ten thousand years is not that many but we have to negotiate them over and over so it seems so. only go so far to wind things up.

as though leaping from the first to the last. ha.

shower meme IV - auditorium's questions

1.) You seem to be very at home in the Western United States. What is it about the region that appeals to you. Where else might you like to live?

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2.) If you were to make music with other people, what do you suspect it would sound like? Has the way you think about music changed over the years? Is there any music that's come out in the past 10 years that might influence your style?

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3.) Are there any areas of study that you would like to but haven't yet explored?

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4.) If Lisa and I had been into it, which Neil Diamond song would we have covered?

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5.) Given the current political climate in the US, would you ever seriously consider expatriation?

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whew. that was harder than I thought it would be. even I get tired of talking about myself eventually.

if anyone wants me to ask them questions let me know. I see now that you may or may not have had enough of this yet so I won't spring any on you uninvited.
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