June 18th, 2003

mutts earl

rock star

this time Patti said 'fuck Bush' and not a word about Ralph Nader so all in all the evening was about perfect.

thinking there was an opening act, I arrived ten minutes after the scheduled start of the show only to find the floor jammed with people and the stage all set up just exactly as it was on sunday. yippee I think. I don't have to waste good back time on a band I've never heard of and won't want to hear from again.

of course the floor was full of people and I wasn't sure I could rally enough inconsideration for others to allow me to get in front of a bunch of them but I thought oh what the hell and dived in. I made good headway until I ran into a guy that leaned on me to try to keep me from getting in the space just in front of him that I had my eye on so I leaned back and basically acted like I didn't really know he was there and squeezed by him.

moments later a few other people nudge their way through and he starts to complain about the people pushing to get to the front and how he might just leave and how it was ridiculous that it was now twenty minutes past the hour and no one was onstage yet and on and on and on and I thought about turning to him and saying you're at a rock show. deal.

when did we get so old and fussy?

Patti and her band though managed to drown out this indignant man for almost two and a half hours. I was delighted the whole time and so far my back still does not hurt. there were a few pogo-ers and I almost pogo-ed a bit myself but fearing for my knees I sort of bounced up and down on the balls of my feet.

now I want to go form my own punk rock band.
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mutts shadow


and in other news:

my prospectus has been duly approved. this is somewhat anticlimactic since it took so long to hear from everyone I had just decided they were going to approve it eventually and in the meantime I have done of course very little work.

Judith said 'very well done.' guess this merits a yippee. except that it means I must write a dissertation now. 'now' meaning the expanse of time from today till 2005 at the latest, seeing as how one can't just sit down and write one up in the course of an afternoon.

I guess I have to stop redecorating my website now.

anyway I was told by someone whose advice I generally take that approval was worth celebrating even if it was not something I was losing sleep over so yahoo! I might have a beer tonight. shudder to think.
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plaid! or: chanel number ten

straight line riot
empathy for the straight-laced
impossible to keep it straight
one straight after another while in between what
straight away one dozen rules next to one another
and that is that.
next to one another and that is that.
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