June 23rd, 2003


misc mon

so traumaturge alerts us to the release of the G5 and in curiousity I go to apple's website but while there find out to my horror that in the next release of OSX it looks like the finder windows will be sporting that awful brushed-metal look that they should have dropped five minutes after they adopted it for sherlock back in OS 8. please guys! don't do it!

the Lady Bunny is performing in town tomorrow night and I think I'm going to go and see how many old atlantans show up. I know there are several here and I also know that no one will recognize me. it's been so long I might not recognize them either. it will be a late-night drinking affair but I'm thinking a bar that hosts a show called Trannyshack every tuesday must have an acceptable bathroom. or at least that on tuesdays it matters not which one you use. I will go for the one with the seat and stall door.

housemate c says I should not start writing my dissertation till july. I'm thinking she might be on to something. today I think I'm going for a six-mile walk to the sea and then taking the bus back. this will have to start soon if I don't want to freeze in the advancing fog.
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