June 28th, 2003

mutts earl

I don't recognize this bug

ok the fairy butch show was 150% better than I thought it was going to be. this week two drag shows approaching the medium from "opposite" directions have struck me as singularly inspiring.

I'm thinking "boys keep swinging" in a wifebeater and crinoline.
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hid out from the dyke march tonight not because I am afraid of dykes but because I needed a break from crowds. I do like large masses of sweaty bodies but not day after day.

must get up early to get to parade. it starts at 10am! I'm thinking that the organizers just assume that no one will be going to bed tonight--or at least not to sleep..

I of course want to stay up late but not all night. I mean it's been awhile since I've done that and shortly after the last stretch of stayings-up-all-night I about went insane although it wasn't precisely the stayings up that did it but they didn't help.

will stay up moderately late and go to parade only slightly tired.
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it has taken me this long to figure out that unplugging the stereo speakers from the desktop and plugging them into the laptop is very easy. I mean unplugging one thing and plugging it back in is intuitively easy but sometimes practicalities like cable length and hidden jacks can get in the way.

it wasn't hard. the line is long enough and wasn't too badly entangled in all the other lines sprouting from the back of the desktop. the only reason this is interesting at all is that it is the next in a series of steps moving everything I do from the desktop to the laptop and that I imagine the desktop is going to start addressing me in HAL's voice pleading with me to stop unplugging things.

well as long as it has those rca jacks it will still be useful.
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mutts earl


oh and if you look quick you might catch a glimpse of me wearing a white tshirt. I bought this the other day when it looked like we were going to be living with 90F for awhile. I kind of like myself in white but it is also somewhat startling after all that black and blue.
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