July 2nd, 2003

nancy fight

representing the elect

I've been meaning to write this for a while but as usual I got all hot and bothered by something I saw and instead of writing at that moment saved it for later and in between came all sorts of pleasures and wayward distractions which effectively anaesthetized the hot-and-botheredness but in my zeal no longer to back down from that which bothers me (read: in my zeal to become an opinionated loudmouth like those who seem to get all the attention) I have come back to it. this is kind of an experiment.

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on my mind

1. why would anyone wait until the very end of the outgoing voicemail message before hanging up without saying anything? we've repeated our phone number. we've told you who lives here. you obviously aren't hoping it's an answering machine and that we'll pick up once we know who you are because you don't say anything. yet you glean every bit of info you can--and more! you wait for the very end of the beep! silence. click. why why why?

2. must remember to pick up housemate c from airport tomorrow. last time we did this I forgot that she was coming back or at least that I needed to do something once she came back. the call from baggage claim was slightly annoyed. I drove very very fast to get her.

3. I'll be in seattle july 24 - aug 4. make your reservations now.
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