July 11th, 2003

mutts earl

a day in the country

am all tuckered out from our trip to the farm today. I went with c and a and j and c out to where the second c keeps her horses up in Santa Rosa. the horses were big and sweet.

we rode them:
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I hadn't been on a horse in twenty years. they smell really good. if you're me.

but the big draw was not even the horses, but the

one dozen five-week-old german shepherd puppies!

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the puppies were unbearably cute:
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after about 30 minutes of running around like they had just discovered grass they all suddenly fell asleep at once:
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it looked like a little puppy jonestown:
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it was extremely difficult not to bring them all home.

on the way back we stopped at Frank's Freeze, a random burger and ice cream joint where I had two pieces of fish and about one hundred onion rings arranged on a preternaturally huge plate. no pictures, but it was about two feet in diameter.

we didn't really do that much but I'm very very tired and very very happy about puppies.
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