July 27th, 2003

mutts earl


today I did nothing but walk a mile in the heat to get food. given the uproarious time we had last night I must say doing nothing felt just right.

lisagail has been working all day and I've just been hanging around the house playing with my computer (because I brought it with me of course!) and drinking coffee and reading the intro to Bodies that Matter because I decided I needed to reread the whole thing before starting my dissertation. I didn't bring my copy but of course K has a copy all scribbled over with K's unreadable handwriting so am filtering the text through a pure cipher of commentary.

I await suggestions from auditorium, redhots and jomarch as to what we might want to do tomorrow night. mention has been made in other quarters of seeing the pirate movie which I would be open to if everyone found the idea inviting but if not some other activity would be just as swell. dinner? drinks obviously but dinner? what time? do you all want to be home at a decent hour? do you want to be able to function the next day?
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