August 1st, 2003


same as it ever was

it is friday night and I'm on vacation and I am doing what I do every friday night which is to say sitting alone with my computer drinking beer.

this sounds pathetic and perhaps it is but I enjoy the hell out of sitting alone with my computer drinking beer. I've half a notion to dial up the rantcam but the ErikAndJacksonCam is in san francisco so I can't do anything silly like be party to a cam fest at a distance of about a mile and a half.

I could have seen if anyone was going out tonight but like I said I enjoy the hell out of sitting alone with my computer drinking beer so really this seemed more inviting. please no one take this personally. we introverts require a certain amount of time alone with our computers (drinking beer) and it has nothing to do with any of you.

the vacation report looks something like I have really had fun hanging out and am looking forward to hanging out some more before I leave. the only thing really that is missing is a trip to the rain forest but as usual I have waited until too late to come to the realization that I probably could have set something up myself regardless of what anyone else wanted to do. see this is the weird thing and that is that introverted though I may be it has taken me over forty years to recognize that I don't have to wait for someone else to want to do something in order to get to do it myself.

this has come a little too late for some things. I could have for instance visited einfall in berlin during the past several years that she was there had I thought I could actually just go out and get a passport and an airline ticket and an rx for sedatives for the flight. I mean I blew a lot of money on the railroad between sf and chicago and seattle. I could have gone to berlin once instead of one of those trips.

oh well. I could still go to berlin but would be without a friend who spoke german fluently. I fear linguistic ridicule.
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