August 7th, 2003


how is it done

because I am socially backward or because I don't know the etiquette or something I hardly ever write about the good time I had with so-and-so even when I had a really good time. instead I come home and have another beer and toss off some esoteric rant that, had there not been good company beforehand, would never have come to the surface. thus instead of a recounting of the night's revelries you get what the revelries produced.

so hip hip hooray, belatedly, for time spent with jetgirl23, mrrant, auditorium, johnnydarco, redhots, and jomarch. and lisagail of course but right now she is in the air between here and London and who knows if she'll see this and surely she already knows but just in case.

if you all could find a cheap place for me to rent I just might consider coming back.
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i'm in the money!

teaching, by the way, was made official today. filled out the paperwork and ordered textbooks. also read teaching evaluations from last semester and pretty much agreed with what they said i.e. there was too much emphasis on reading and not enough on writing so must now redo my whole outlook on how to teach a 1B. it is too bad I am actually beginning to learn how to teach now that I've about run out of teaching for my grad career. I spent many semesters just getting by and not being able to care much about how well I was doing but isn't that the story of my life.

if there were any justice I would get to live to be 112 to make up for the time lost in despondency.

one student though did say I was brilliant and wrote in a 10 for my rating (believe her! believe her!) and another gave me glowing reviews under each question but then rated me a 4 out of 7 overall. these really are not scientific. another noted that I must not have figured out yet what I thought about the topics at hand which is true but is not necessarily a bad thing and isn't it funny to be the subject presumed to know.

mostly though they were consistently wishing I had taught more writing. this semester I am ordering a rhetoric textbook and hoping that will help since I really have no idea how to teach writing. it comes to me naturally and all the instructions given in, say, an average rhetoric textbook are foreign to me. this is not to brag but to say I really really don't know what teaching strategies actually work for writing. I never had to undergo any. I never paid the slightest bit of attention to what my writing instructors were saying.

as a result I have forgotten how to use commas but on the other hand I am not bound by the outline or the note card. do those things really work?
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