August 13th, 2003

mutts earl


I don't want to do any work today. I'm sure this comes as a huge surprise.

my mutts tshirt came in the mail and I am wearing it. my mutts cap came in the mail too but I am not so dorky that I would wear them both at the same time. only so dorky that I would order them both at the same time.

the new old drum machine arrived too. in order to plug it in to see if it works as advertised I have to tear apart the corner of my room to get to the box that has our nonworking unit in it because that is where the only power supply is. the new old one did not include a power supply or the original box. why don't people take care of their things.

I have to do a little work. I think I will shape up the class website and do things like write out the little student info form I'm going to make them fill out the first day. believe it or not instructors actually look at those to get an idea of who is in their classes and what level their work might be at and what sorts of things might keep them awake. mostly I want to know how many advanced-placement freshmen I have and if any of them know what "ethos" means.

I wonder when the guitar will come. I think it is time to email the seller with another request for the tracking number. I love to track my packages as they make their way across the country. it's a little like listening to the weatherman track santa claus on the radar on christmas eve.
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