August 15th, 2003


banner day

we're getting a new refrigerator today. well really it will be a used refrigerator.

this is about as exciting as watching milk curdle but it will be nice to be able actually to keep milk again.

my instructions are to stay here and answer the phone as it might be the landlord with the new used refrigerator.

I think I can do that.
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mutts shadow


the guitar is here! the guitar is here! the guitar is here!

so far Jackson is holding up ok under the aural onslaught. my housemates don't hate me quite yet but it's only been a couple of hours. will check in again on Sunday.

I still don't know if the drum machine works as I was fixing to plug it in when UPS rang and I dropped everything.

we have a new refrigerator too. today is happy objects day.
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