August 16th, 2003


toys r us

the drum machine works but when I went to load the Infamous Menagerie data into it I got error messages and all the LEDs started blinking randomly so I had to restore the factory defaults and try again whereupon I got error messages and all the LEDs started blinking randomly so I had to restore the factory defaults and ponder what might be fixable here.

the cassette tape has been sitting in a box at room temperature for 8 years or so. funny little spores were growing from and had devoured the little piece of felt that cushions the tape against the record/play head so I took the cassette apart and transferred the tape to another cassette with intact felt. no better.

the other thing I might do is get a proper rca-to-mono-miniplug adapter since I only had a stereo-rca-to-stereo-miniplug adapter and I am not sure that only using the left channel gets the same results as a mono plug.

otherwise I guess I'll have to accept that some of the little magnetic bits did not survive storage and if I ever want to hear the drums from Drunken Boat again I'll have to reconstruct them from scratch. this I don't think I could do since I never deliberately wrote the drum patterns to begin with. I started with 8-beat patterns and offset them and cut and pasted them somewhat randomly until I had a couple of 5-beat patterns I liked.

but now it is time to take a break from drum machine fiddling. on to the guitar.
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my fingers hurt.

sure is nice though to play a guitar with a bottom end even with normal-gauge strings on it. I don't have to chase them down from a mile above the fretboard and they don't bite back quite as hard and I don't have to use both hands to shove the pick through them. very gratifying.

am learning blues progressions. or I should say I looked at a chart and now I have blues progressions down. yes I've been playing guitar for 25 years but never looked to see what a blues progression consisted of. suddenly "Rock and Roll Suicide" was crystal clear.

see I've got this guitar book with charts and diagrams and chutes and ladders and I thought it was about time I learned what I was doing. I don't know yet if knowing the names of the weird chords I play will be a good thing or a bad thing but at least it won't be so embarrassing to go into a guitar store and play the inventory in front of god and everybody.

I mean I learned the basic chords long ago and shortly after that learned barre chords and then became quite handy at making up chords but beyond following the dots I can't really improvise beyond two chords at a time. and forget little runs and licks. those have to be worked out way ahead of time if they are to sound right.

probably I'm going to find out that what I've been playing has nothing to do with, say, blues progressions. I've probably been playing in some weird mode that is only covered in esoteric manuals. well with luck I won't forget how to do what I do while learning how to do what everyone else does.

it's too bad I have a dissertation to write. not to mention the poetry stuff I'm in the middle of and the website which is a jumbled mess. I never leave my room but somehow have found a hundred things to do.
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