August 18th, 2003

mutts shadow

free money

got email this morning notifying me of a pending large sum of money to appear in my savings account.

yeah it's student loan money and one day perhaps before I am dead but perhaps not I will have to pay it back but for now it feels like a gift. and it is extra exciting because I finally got around to filling out a form for electronic funds transfer so I no longer have to wait for the check to arrive in the mail.

mostly this means I can start paying my therapist again. approximately two-thirds of this summer's visits have been granted on credit so now I owe her a ton of money. I'm thinking of cutting down to every other week as I no longer seem quite as nuts and although it is nice to shoot the breeze with someone on a weekly basis I am not sure it is worth the expense anymore.

I also have to give the credit cards some dough. I mean I don't have to but it would be stupid not to pay what I can now.

so really I'm not that all that rich. just happy to stop being poor for a little while.
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mutts earl


now the hard part. finish syllabus and class website? read something as the first baby step towards writing the dissertation? go for long walk? change strings on strat? practice blues scales on les paul?

I would do all of these things today but it is already 1 and I haven't started any of them. I think I only have time for a couple.

I could turn my thoughts to school tomorrow. I say this everyday of course.

"I'm gonna kick tomorrow!"
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