August 20th, 2003

mutts earl

spend spend spend

I'm developing an ebay habit. I think I have to steer myself to small-ticket items after the guitar and case (see below). otherwise I might have to start selling stuff to a) make room and b) pay for the habit.

here is what I got for $100 in the last few days:

a John Denver song book (see this would be too embarrassing to buy out in public. it is almost too embarrasing to admit to you all that I bought it. it cost $4. what harm is a little nostalgia for $4.)
a Neil Diamond songbook (and I'm proud!)
a Nirvana songbook (embarrassed again but it's Nevermind and I would like to see the tab for a couple of those songs and the ones at TabCrawler are usually woefully inaccurate.)
five Interpol buttons (not as embarrassing but I know I can never wear them without looking like an over-the-hill idiot so I'm not sure what I will do with them. put them on my bookbag?)
an "almost mint" black Gibson Les Paul hardshell case. (this was the best deal. as long as it is really "almost mint." we'll see.)

I have to do some work now. am watching a couple of items but they don't wind down till later this evening. I learned very quickly that the first 6-9 days of a listing are not for bidding but for exposure and that the best way actually to win something is to bid in the last 30 minutes.

you all all know this already but I'm new and easily excitable.
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