August 28th, 2003



I've been up for an hour.

the coffee isn't doing what it's supposed to.

our hot water heater sprung a leak into our downstairs neighbor's apartment last night so we turned the water off which kept the water from leaking anymore but also kept the hot water from coming out the faucet anymore so I didn't get to shower and am feeling a bit unclean.

will try not to get too close to my students this morning.

plumber comes today.
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perfect timing

just as I was hoping I missed the hot water heater hoopla by scooting away at 6:45am and not coming back till afternoon. in my absence appeared a new hot water heater which is making the water super hot so I think I'd better turn it down before having a shower.

It looks like I'm going to be in Seattle for a whopping two days around Sept 12 and 13. c has decided not to go and now I am weighing flying on the strongest meds I can get out of my doc or renting a car and driving. driving takes a day and a half. flying takes an hour and a half. I love to drive. I hate to fly. driving plus hotel for one night would be expensive. flying would be relatively cheap.

I need to talk to lisagail about all this because she would know what I should do so over the weekend I think I am going to call her in London. that too will be expensive although I suppose if I waited till the wee hours of the morning here when it was midmorning there it would be slightly less so. I have to figure out what all the numbers mean in the contact info she gave me so I don't call some random British stranger.

I've never made an international call before and I'm sure it is very complicated.

and can I just say that the days that start at 5:30am don't last nearly as long as I had expected. I'm so old time has sped up even at the level of the minute.
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