September 26th, 2003


the call

this may be too much dream information but my lucid dreaming extends now even into my bathroom dreams where I dream I'm waking up and have to pee and go off in search of a bathroom which, depending on the particuar dream house I'm in (there are a few standard ones), can appear in various places and have various sorts of fixtures. this morning I knew I was still asleep when I found a bathroom that I had never seen and Smudge was sitting on a shelf over the tub.

at first I was like, well the cat is familiar and I've been in this house before so I must really be awake. but this bathroom I don't remember. could I have overlooked it? oh wait. Smudge is dead. I must still be dreaming.

the thing to do when you realize you are still dreaming (I don't know how to get to that point but almost all my dreaming is lucid these days. or nights) and you know, say, that you have to pee for real, or that you've been in bed for hours and should get up already, is to close your (imaginary) eyes and lean back and relax and let your head spin around and around over itself until you wake up again. then of course you have to apply your reality tests and if the scenario doesn't pass you go through the process again. the one realization that has yet to make it into my dream life is that when I actually wake up I know immediately that I'm awake and don't actually have to apply the reality tests. so of course the first test of reality should be "do I feel the need to apply a reality test" in which case I've already got my answer.

anyway I'm only up before noon because I had to pee this morning and it took a few trips to bizarre bathrooms before I finally made it to a real one. then I figured I might as well make coffee and stay up.

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appetite without object

I really want to go shopping. unfortunately the only thing I particularly want to buy is a digital camera and I can't afford the one I want.

I can't think of anything else to buy. I mean I could buy a shirt but I don't need another or I could buy pants but I don't need any or I could buy yet another pair of shoes which of course everyone always needs but right now the floor under my desk is strewn with shoes I don't wear anymore and until I put them all in a box and set them out on the street for the indigent to go through I have declared a moratorium on shoe-buying.

perhaps I will escort them outside this evening.

I don't need any computer stuff. oh wait. I could buy one of those new cheap scanners with slide/film capabilities. or I could visit microtek and see if an adapter is available for my current scanner which works just fine otherwise and would be a shame to throw out. it's old though so I don't have much hope.

there are cds I could buy but I'm not feeling musically excited today so I'm not really into walking the three miles to Amoeba.

maybe what I need to do is eat all day.
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