October 13th, 2003


well rested?

I went to bed at 6:30pm last night. swear to god. I almost got up at 5 this morning but went back to sleep until 9 when I had to expend some effort in keeping my eyes open long enough to get myself out of bed at 9:30.

so I slept for almost 15 hours and have had two and a half cups of coffee and I'm still not feeling fully awake.

I know there is some belief that if you sleep for too long you will wake up tired but I've never really found that to be true. except for today, apparently. I thought about just seeing how long I could stay in bed this morning but I have work to do and wanted to get started before noon.

I hope I wake up soon.
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after multiple cups of coffee and a bone-jarring attempt at explaining in a massive email the problems I had with a student's paper, I find that I still am not anything like bright, alert and responsive.

class is somewhat prepared for tomorrow. I think it is time for a walk.
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