October 16th, 2003

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a student had an ohmygod moment in my office this morning. it was cool. and then I did too, thinking ohmygod I just explained something simply and satisfactorily! it was perhaps the first time I had seen concrete evidence of this actually happening.

it doesn't really matter what the subject was except that maybe it does since what I was trying to get across was that there may be something outside the true/false dichotomy that doesn't have to answer to it. it was hard!

tomorrow the world.

the volume on rabbinical interpretation in literary theory is also very exciting. I would tell you all all about it but I've been up since 5:30 this morning and I can't quite think anymore. it is time for burrito and beer.
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best spam subject line in a while:


it was about penis enlargement of course, not mad-magazine-style sound effects.
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well there goes a completely futile postseason. I have to say that I hope the Yankees win the World Series because I hate the Marlins more but I won't be watching because at bottom I really don't care.

as housemate c pointed out, nothing good happens anymore. ever since Bush took office the wrong people keep winning. could our karma really be that bad?
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