October 29th, 2003

mutts earl

excitement for geeks

If I had been awake last night around 1am and away from city lights I could have looked up and seen something like this red glow near Sacramento. I bring you this image after a tip from daisydumont alerted me to the fact that we have been and are still weathering a geomagnetic storm caused by one of the most massive solar flares which we have ever recorded the sun flinging our way.

more news at spaceweather.com. you folks in Washington should drive out somewhere dark tonight for a chance for more auroral spectacles. here is an image from the Spokane Valley last night. apparently we in the southern latitudes are not likely to see any more tonight.
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mutts shadow


woke up this morning (at 8:30! with no alarm!) to foggy skies and a stiff wind from the west howling through my window. the cats are running around the house in sheer joy instead of stretching out on the floor in sheer heat exhaustion.

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ok so now I'm ready to go to bed again. is it the getting up at 5:30 twice a week that makes me feel like I'm always in need of catching up on sleep?

or have I always been this way.

I really could go to sleep right this minute.

the good news: I don't have to teach again till Nov 20.
the bad news: I still have to get up early and go to school tomorrow in order to observe TA teaching. but at least she will be the one worried about what to say. all I have to do is sit and look authoritative. and pretty.

I'm bummed that I will be without my POD for 10 days. but I will at least be near a guitar or two.

oh and it was approximately 25 degrees cooler here today than yesterday. I guess since it is always the same temperature here the rest of the year it is acceptable that the weather does such strange things in October.
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