October 31st, 2003


now the long wait

laundry is done. absentee ballot is mailed. window is shut against the sudden cold and rain. clothes are picked out although not packed yet.

yet to do:
actually pack
get cash from atm up the street

that's pretty much it.

the train is only 12 minutes late last I checked which figures since it would be more convenient for lisagail's schedule to be able to pick me up tomorrow about two hours late.

even so it isn't due in the Bay Area for 7 more hours.

la la la la la la.
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oh and in the meantime you all might be interested to know that the thought that I will be flying thanksgiving week has begun to keep me up at night. no nightmares yet but I'm wondering if I shouldn't have asked for more sedatives.

wouldn't it be poetically ironic if the train were to wreck.
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mutts earl

trick or treat

the very small goblins have come out on Mission Street to collect their yearly candy from the shops. out in front of our gate our local drug dealer has a box full of (sealed!) candy that he is giving out. this is the same drug dealer who helped me carry my desk up the stairs when I moved in.

we have such nice drug dealers here!
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