November 28th, 2003



the time stamp. you see it what time it is and you see I am still up. there were things I thought of at various points and they all had to do with animal sensitivity and the being of one for another that is the primary articulation itself.

it is this. that which language brings will always frustrate us for what in it is unsayable.

I have to say this again and again and that is precisely the point. the promise and the condemnation are the same. or arrive in the one gesture of going on and on and on.

hear me.
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when we were six

eye. that is a sort of covering for the eye which is protection for the eye most naked against whatever field spends itself on the eye. as though modest but as though in love because lost uncovered and spent.
they must have said it one hundred times already he said.
there was of course more to say.
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mutts earl

no monk

ok so the monk is not such a great idea tonight so maybe later this weekend. of course tomorrow is the party so sunday? after I drag myself out of bed at approximately 3pm like I did today?
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