November 30th, 2003


late night

alright I'll see the morning first. used to be once set the sun took a long long time to come back up again but now that is no longer the case. one hundred days in a row I could stay up.

there is at this time only cat time where the thing to do is run from this quarter to that. in one hour another hour will have gone and then what. the earth turns and we with it and it turns and it turns. you could take me along you know.

the thing is that what is ahead is no different really from that which we've already done. the thing though is there is a certain something. the point at which dusk becomes dawn there is a certain something. maybe living that long to see all that. from this end to that. they wait for me here as though crispily wielding the one against the other because that is all that can be crispily wielded.

it is not that I can't come up with the words but that the words leave me here destitute after convincing me. after convincing me. after showing what is what and what is what and what besides that is what. because precisely what is what leaves me here destitute and reveling in destitution as though awaiting another word. as though awaiting. as though this and then that like the very articulation of this. and that.

you see it is speaking that makes us speak. and all that follows which is pretty much all.
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