December 20th, 2003


(no subject)

I often find myself in between conversation groups.

that is at parties I often find myself in between some friend meeting some old friend and another pair of friends just meeting and there I am.

the thing to do in this situation is to listen in to both conversations and try to determine in which one you would be less obtrusive if you turned slightly towards it. hi. I'm here listening to you two speak and you don't really know me or that is I am not of the order of your familiarity but I'm at this party you see and as far as I can tell the thing to do here is insinuate yourself in conversations at hand so hi.

I don't know what I'm doing here except that I like one of the people who invited me so apparently that means you and I should like each other too or something like that. could we be any more precariously situated. is it any wonder that the drink table is the center of attention.

it's as though we love standing about in rooms but in order to do so we must fortify ourselves because we don't quite really love it or that which you love can kill you so be careful.

on those odd occasions when no one wants to kill me I fall in love and that has always been my downfall even now that I do not fall in love anymore. the thing is I don't quite understand the lack of urge to kill. it is, somehow, miraculous.
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