December 22nd, 2003



kill rock stars seems to have come to some sort of deal with apple or something but in any case Infamous Menagerie's "Immediate Impound Zone" is now available through itunes. do a search.

our 15 minutes just keeps on and on and on.
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6.5 but far away

I thought I felt a jiggle a little while ago.

I figured it was the cat moving around on my loft.

so far no reports of injuries or serious damage but it is a little early.
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nancy fight

crush kill destroy

good grief. if it weren't impossible I'd say I had pms.

I can't tell if I'm retaining water because I don't have those water bags on my chest anymore but I am experiencing a desire to eat everything in the kitchen especially anything chocolate and to yell at anyone who dares to do something annoying like breathe.

bed might be in order here. and a shot in the morning if this continues.

don't you wish your hormones came in a vial?
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