January 17th, 2004



I've been hunting for this song for years or it has been hunting me. the only thing I remembered about it was that it had "silver screen" in the lyrics and that I heard it and loved it at the skating rink when I was about 12.

thanks to LyricFind.com I found it and although it doesn't reveal to me anything about my young self that I didn't already know, Hot Chocolate's "Emma" (5MB mp3) does confirm my predilection for moody songs.

there is so much that simply isn't any wonder.
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    Hot Chocolate - Emma

desert island

the email servers at school are down all day today as they migrate our accounts to a new system. all witty comments therefore might not be seen for another five hours. don't think I'm ignoring you.

they've given us the option of taking the "uclink4" out of our email addresses and before that they'd given us the option of taking the "4" out and just using "uclink" and although this does make things nice and streamlined I've stuck with "uclink4" from the beginning for consistency. I'd change to the new shorter address but I use my email as login for so many websites that it would be next impossible to go and track them all down.

on the other hand a project like that could keep me from doing any real work for another day..
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    Pink Floyd - Dogs