January 23rd, 2004


childhood's end

Captain Kangaroo dies. I watched his show raptly until I started school and then I watched it every time I stayed home sick.

really I am somewhat surprised that he was only 76--he looked old back then but of course I was five so what did I know from old.
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mutts shadow


I wrote a paragraph's worth (as distinct from an actual coherent paragraph but still a number of sentences and thus representing a certain amount of mental effort) and read one dissertation intro and one half of one article about the ethical quandaries of poststructural and deconstructive thought and I came up with something like an outline and asked and answered some of my own questions about what I want to say.

what I have now is slightly more messy than it was but supplemented with something like a direction around which to orient the mess.

it's Miller time.

or Speakeasy Big Daddy IPA time.

who wants to join me for happy hour?
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