January 29th, 2004


help us! help us!

I did not check the outside temp this morning so I don't have hard evidence of this but I think that today it is getting colder instead of warmer. the clouds are sinking too. soon it will be foggy.

I have lived through another week of teaching. now I am all stressed out about this intro which is threatening to morph into a chapter as I've never written a chapter before and don't know how it is done and I'm having early-college-type quandaries in which I can't decide how much explanation is necessary for any given point. I really like to write allusively but all the dissertations I've been reading are quite methodical and explicit. now might not be the time for poetry and yet there is no way I can give it up completely.

am giving myself one day of messing around with technology in order to buffer myself from the lingering effects of yesterday's stupidity. the class website and the EndNote 7 manual are going to receive all of my attention here in a minute. right now I'm having what was known to me in my timeclock punching days as a "lunch break." sometimes I forget that everyone else in the western hemisphere takes at least an hour off in the middle of the day.

of course on those days I don't have to be here at school I pretty much mortgage my break time for a few extra hours of sleep.

someone tell the crowds in my head who are running around screaming with their hands in the air to settle down.

I need a tranquilizer.
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