February 11th, 2004



since yesterday I have written two pages.

stop me if you get tired of the daily page count. I'm aiming to be done with this chapter in two more weeks and am trying to tread the fine line between healthy productivity and painful obsession. on the one hand I keep telling myself that this does not have to be as agonizing as my written exams were, when I wrote 25 pages in four days and then on the other hand I keep thinking well I was able to write 25 pages in four days once so what is wrong with me now.

that second part of me has no perspective on this process at all.
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oops. forgot to shower this evening.

will put extra coconut oil in hair and try to stay downwind of students tomorrow. I haven't done any exercise these last 24 hours so really the bouquet should not be too powerful. I think.

bed time.
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