February 14th, 2004


to do

so today is my sunday. I was going to do work today and still might read a little but I rearranged my schedule so that I had two days off in a row. this of course came in handy when last night I found myself feeling the urge to intoxicate.

this means that tomorrow is monday. well why not.

apparently I have to scoop the cat boxes today.
I should also mop the kitchen floor but I think I will stop at sweeping it.

then it is on to fun things and I can't decide if I want to write drum parts or try to figure out if I can use one of my drum machines with my new midi interface to play the instruments that came with the new iLife and GarageBand add-on software I picked up for a song at school last week.

or I could take the camera out for a spin and go on a walk at the same time.

otherwise I could just play guitar.

also I wrote a bunch of stuff last night but did not post it because in the past I have found that the writing that comes out of me when I am intoxicated in a certain way tends to be way more dry and boring than it sounded at the time so another thing I could do is go over it all and see just how bad it really is.

or I could sit here and drink coffee all day and tell you of my every move but of course if I'm sitting here drinking coffee that is pretty much all there would be to tell.
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technological remorse

probably I am inordinately proud of myself for this because really it is not that difficult but I did get the Piece of Shit drum machine to talk GarageBand, the Apple multitrack recording software that cost me about $8. but there is no elegant way to separate each drum out to its own track other than playing by hand and as I am not a very good drummer this is not an option so it is back to figuring out how to get SMPTE timecode to work in the real multitrack software I got some time ago. I've noticed that every midi manual seems to assume that you know what it is talking about when it says something like "channel" or "port" but without some sort of overarching narrative of course who knows what these things mean.

I suppose I could buy a book but you know that JavaScript book I bought two years ago is just sitting there and the version of Illustrator that I bought five years ago and never learned is just sitting there getting more and more obsolete and the whole Studio MX experiment was a fiasco but at least the academic discount on the package was so big that I didn't really waste that much money.

and I should have bought cubase instead of deck but it is too late now.

I have too much to do.

isn't it funny that a scant three years ago I would spend hours staring dejectedly out the window because nothing appealed. now everything appeals and I can't decide what to do so I sit and stare out the window but in nervous prostration this time lest I choose the wrong activity to the exclusion of the right one.

ok so today I mopped the kitchen floor, set up my midi interface and wrote the skeleton of a drum pattern for one song. I don't know if I chose right but at least I did something.
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busting out

I have begun actively to covet my housemate's bedroom. she did not get any job offers this year but is thinking of moving anyway if she can find something reasonable and nice either in the city or in the east bay.

I have to say that as much as I like having her as a housemate I really really really want to move into her room. I have already made plans for the space. the loft will be taken apart and reassembled in there because I have grown used to sleeping in the air and because then I can use the rest of the floor space for spreading things like my computers and guitars and books and cds out in broad array. I will be able to leave my drum machines hooked to the four track which will remain always hooked up to my computer and the pod can stay out and there will be places to put cables and cords and adapters and power strips.

god I can't wait.

I could of course move out myself if I just had to have more space but there is no beating the rent I pay here so I'm willing to bide my time.

I just contradicted myself in case you didn't notice.*

the other day I ordered a file cabinet online. am hoping the housemates don't mind if I put it out in the hall. if they do mind too bad.

* which reminds me that I thought too late of a comeback for my students who pointed out for the nth time that deconstruction finds itself in a performative contradiction when it claims there is no way to know the truth. the comeback doesn't have anything to do with solving the paradox of claiming that the above claim is true but has something to do with living comfortably with paradox and vicious circles. the thing is the point I'm trying to map out is one that flutters around prior to the logical choice of truth and falsity.

I don't know exactly what this means but I think it is a happier place than, say, a philosophy department.
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