February 20th, 2004

mutts earl

book quiz

ok I like that they made me into an animal story but I'm not including the really ego-stroking parts of the assessment.

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mutts earl


oh and I keep forgetting to mention that I will be in Seattle March 19 - March 30. lisagail and k are lending me their house for the week they are in Paris plus I'm going to stay a couple more days so I can actually see them.

the plan is to have the chapter written by then so that I can travel without books and without shame. and of course so that I can drink excessively the whole time I am there. who will join me?

I'm taking the train. although flying while sedated was efficacious I still like the train better. that and without a fearless housemate in the seat next to me to keep me reassured I'm not certain the sedation alone would suffice.
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