March 24th, 2004


vacation report

the rain is cold and beautiful. the moss is a shiny bright ecstatic green. I would go for a drive looking for things to photograph but I am under the influence so should not besides which my new camera is highly allergic to water and besides which it is still rush hour and besides which it will soon be dark and outdoor flash photography is not yet a part of my repertoire.

after meeting with several UW friends today I have decided to fly back up here for the memorial. I think it would be very good to sit with the crowd that is sure to attend and see if we can figure out What To Do Now. C says she will be happy to supply me with the necessary klonopin for the flights.

seeing folks carry on as nearly normal was good.

everyone keeps telling me I look like I am losing weight. I stood on Aunt Donna's bathroom scale yesterday and it read pretty much what other scales have been reading all along so I'm not sure what is going on. my belt no longer fastens tightly enough to keep my pants securely up and I am noticing that I seem to be losing my ass so there is some sort of fat redistribution scheme underway I suspect. I wish the fat pads around my waist would go somewhere although I certainly would prefer that they stay where they are rather than going back to my hips and thighs where they used to be.

speaking of Aunt Donna she is going through an eccentric phase that I wonder if it strikes all of us around 65. I mean she's always been eccentric but it shows more the older she gets. Grandma did this too for awhile until she got so old she no longer had the energy to be outwardly weird. since I take after this branch of the family I wonder what I will be doing in my senior years that makes everyone laugh quietly to themselves. I mean insofar as I am not already doing those sorts of things.

the rain has stopped. for now.
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