April 10th, 2004

mutts earl

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the floor is dry and the shelves will go up in just a minute here. just to prove what a dork I am I will let you all know that I made a floorplan for my new room in Illustrator and know exactly where everything is going. well. I know where the furniture is going. what will be upon each piece of furniture is still up in the air.

the chair to come and the cat tree to come don't have a place yet but they do have occupants waiting for them.

am feeling less like a failure today. will perhaps go into just why a little later this evening.
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my god this is going to take me the rest of my life. the shelves are up and I'm too tired to do much else. maybe will pound together the little drawer unit for the closet later. what I'm going to have to do before I can do much else is clean out this little hole of a room. there is so much junk piled on so much junk that I am going to have to take it apart very carefully in order to keep it from collapsing or exploding in the process.

but just getting to the shelves and the desk and things like that is going to require a major shuffling through and discarding of possessions. maybe I will finally burn my high school yearbooks.

I'm going to have to stop and grade papers for a couple of days here but I don't foresee much work getting done on the dissertation before it is time to get back to teaching. oh well. I wrote most of the chapter while teaching so I suppose I can finish it while teaching. I hate the way it seems like I am doing both things half-assed when I have to split my time like that but I guess this is the way life works. to much damned stuff to do.

I haven't transcribed the dream melodies yet. I did listen to them last night and it is going to take a couple more listens before I actually can judge them. voicemail is kind of lo-fi. I imagine myself settled in my new digs with all my musical equipment spread out before me and my wireless dsl set up and all my books within a few feet of each other and filing cabinets for readings and miscellaneous papers and I fantasize that I will be set to work all day every day on things that are important.

I wonder if that will really happen.
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mutts shadow

small things

the phone jack which I thought was defunct in the new room is actually a jack for the line S and I share and upon which my dsl runs.

yay! I could set up the wireless router tonight if I wanted to..
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mutts earl

the fairly small but annoying things

oh and it occurs to me that if I start cleaning out this room I am going to run across both that old jury summons I ignored and my W-2 which I have likewise ignored. I need not to ignore them both this week I guess.

the hope is that in taking everything apart I will also find those sunglasses that vanished four years ago.
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