April 17th, 2004


so it begins

ah here we go. I had a dream this morning that was so gross I'm not even going to describe it here except in a post that is filtered for no one at all. if you just have to know, drop me a line and I will add your name to the filter.

prior to this very gross dream I dreamed of a theocratic totalitarian America in which all of my friends were disappearing one by one. I don't know if my political anxieties have ever shown up in a dream before.

morning. today I take my bed apart and put it back together and then go see 50 Foot Wave (thank you auditorium for reminding me that they were on tour).

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the scary part

in order to move my loft I will have to unplug the stereo, the dsl modem, and the router. of all the things in the world to unplug these are the three things I can barely do without for more than a minute.

I keep telling myself that no matter what happens, if I can't get the new wireless router to work I can quickly put the old setup back together and be online in a matter of minutes.

must breathe.
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mutts shadow


the loft is reconstructed in the new room and we have wireless.

my goals for the day have been reached. I'm exhausted.
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