April 18th, 2004


night in

I have not left the house today.


no. I have not left the house today.

I bagged the 50 Foot Wave show because by 8pm my back already hurt from doing things like carrying huge sheets of plywood down the hall and ramming them into the ceiling causing the glass light fixtures to come shattering down on the floor and wrangling limp futons on and off of platforms six feet in the air and I knew that standing for another couple of hours in a hot crowded room was not what I wanted to do next.

so instead I showered and moved a few more objects around and figured out how to password protect my wireless network although really I wouldn't care so much if neighbors used it to check email from time to time but I don't want them eating my bandwidth and I don't want them wandering around poking at my computers.

any minute now I am going to give up on finding the secrets of the universe in between the letters I type and go to bed.
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