May 5th, 2004


pajama party

both cats slept on my bed without undue trauma last night. I kept trying to get Jackson up by my head and the little one down by my feet--you know, teach the squirt his place in the heirarchy--but Jackson in his inimitibly submissive fashion was having none of it. I awoke this morning to kitten by face and Jackson by feet.

I guess I have to let them work this out in their own feline way. am giving Jackson lots of attention and telling him what a good guy he is. he's had to put up with a lot lately what with kittens in the bedroom and bunnies in the livingroom.

this morning I was dreaming about trying to find the house I grew up in from aerial photos of Georgia which is not particularly interesting but what is somewhat interesting is that I know this dream was inspired by having stumbled across this site where you can pay 9.95 to download as many maps and images as you can in three days. I'm not sure why I haven't succumbed yet. drugs for practically free.

I have many things to do today and none of them particularly pleasant. I know I will feel better if I get them done right away. one question is whether to be a wuss and rely on email or just go directly to the phone.

see yesterday I checked out a data projector from the technology place at school and then stupidly left it in the room and forgot about it until I got a voicemail message from the technology people saying where is our projector and then an email from about an hour later from my department saying that someone else had returned it and boy was I lucky.

ack. unfortunately my students need a tv tomorrow for their presentations so I have to determine if my borrowing privileges have been revoked and if so I will have to ask my TA to check out the equipment which will be doubly embarrassing.

I once left my own bookbag with laptop in the classroom. fortunately I noticed it was missing as soon as I got upstairs and thought about checking my email so I rushed back downstairs. no one had taken it in the ten intervening minutes. phew.

it is a burden being this flakey I tell you.

anyway I could do all this by email but it would be slow and I suspect calling them and talking to them would look a little more responsible. I hate being an adult.
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like a hurricane

I had forgotten how impossible it is to keep a kitten from playing with whatever it has chosen to play with or to keep it from going wherever it has decided it wants to go.

::fears for everything in his room::

at least he does that insta-sleep thing periodically. gives me time to put things back.
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I was sucked into aquarius records as I tried vainly to walk past. when I finally got free of the place I had been forced by the very atmosphere to buy four cds. buying cds is still a thrill even when you can get the same music cheaper online. I can't quite explain this beyond the gratification of holding an actual object in your hands after ridding yourself of the money.

but so:

Broken Social Scene - Feel Good Lost
Snow Patrol - Final Straw
Shannon Wright - Over the Sun. yay a new Shannon Wright album!! buy it now!!
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Master and Everyone

if it weren't a school night I'd stay up and listen to all of them. but it's a school night. I think I have to go to bed soon.
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