May 6th, 2004



see this morning is to be an example in returning to the scene of acute embarrassment with grace and aplomb. well we'll see about the grace and aplomb in a minute when I apologize again to my class for blowing their opportunity to do high-tech presentations. because of the projector incident on Tuesday I lost borrowing privileges for the rest of the semester so their PowerPoint slideshows and videotaped interviews will not be viewable except on the tiny screen of a laptop or two.

there was a time when none of this technology was available anyway. remember posterboard? I wonder if any of my students do.

so today I forgot my phone which is somewhat amusing given that I do not like to talk on the phone anyway and rarely get calls when I am out of the house but I had gotten used to having it with me. this means no Tetris during office hours I guess. back to Snood.

all this forgetting has me somewhat worried but the gods know I've been forgetting things right and left since I was about 2 and it has only gotten worse from that point.

which reminds me. I never did find those sunglasses while dismantling my room. I am completely mystified as to where they could have gone.
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