May 7th, 2004



things to say.

too tired to say them.

later maybe. or earlier.

I'll just say that secretly I'm glad Rachel and Ross ended up together although I also think the writers caved to the viewing public's sentimentality when they scripted it that way.
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nancy fight

short but obscene rant

there is a way in which Rush Limbaugh is actually right. not that abusing Iraqi prisoners should be accepted as a mere prank, but in the whole "boys will be boys and shouldn't we expect this sort of thing" attitude. they will. we should.

the problem is the idiots in the White House think it is possible to run a clean war, one in which everyone wins, there are no atrocities, and humans all act in reasonable and humane ways. well guess what. you open a can of chaos you get chaos. war is always messy and you never can control the soldier in the field and you send people out to get shot at and they will relieve their stress on whatever targets are handy.

Bush can apologize all he wants and can promise to punish the guilty, but this is his war and there will be other incidents worthy of punishment and ultimately he sanctioned them all simply by relying upon war as a primary instrument of political change. stupid fuck.
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down on the farm

so yesterday a patient came in to the hospital that S sometimes works at and he needed to be admitted because he was sick enough that he could not care for himself but he had brought along a bunny in a stinky carrier and said he would not be admitted unless the bunny came with him and they were going to "5150" him, or admit him under psych review and, I guess, send his bunny to animal control but someone at the hospital had the idea to make a few phone calls and at the end of the phone trail they found S who then called me and said can we foster a rabbit and I said sure.

so now Frisky the full-sized rabbit lives here too. we don't know for how long.

Jackson is preparing to run away from home.

that said, Jackson and little guy were found sleeping right next to each other last night. he's such a patient fellow. I ::heart:: him.

there are animals everywhere.
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