May 9th, 2004



I have a kitten sleeping belly up on my lap in the crook of my left arm. unbearably cute. am typing with one hand.

ah. he moved. Jackson crinkled the wastebasket liner so kitten had to jump up to see what was happening.

the webcam was on most of the day yesterday. will cull some cat pictures later. first must grade papers. :/

then webcam on again for awhile and then My Morning Jacket at Fillmore. am trying to ascertain if I can bring a camera not because I want pictures of the band so badly but was thinking of walking slowly to the venue taking pictures on the way. this is one of my favorite things to do while on my favorite mind-altering substance about which there will be more later.

that's it. not terribly exciting but occasionally I feel compelled to record the mundane.
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