May 26th, 2004



am about to embark upon the first thing I have to do today. little Santiago is playing obliviously with my shoe strings, not realizing that in a minute he must get in the carrier and take a trip through that treacherous place known as outdoors to the even more treacherous place known as the vet. I feel bad for him, but this is tempered by the pain I feel when he tries to climb up my leg. he's getting just a little too big for that.

am already tired even after 11 hours of sleep. today's marathon looks daunting but am determined to see it through.

send me energy energy please.
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mutts earl

to the wire

I can't believe I'm still up. my friends were hungry so we stopped for burritos on the way back and conversation ensued and ensued.

the reading I think was a modest success. a number of people told me they really liked my stuff. James Green even told me this! ::bask bask::

but so anyway I survived the day. must get out of this chair and go brush my teeth so that I can then climb up onto my bed and go to sleep in a horizontal position, a position that I have become extremely fond of just lately.

here is a quiz result that somewhat pertains:

You're a Narrative writer!

What kind of writer are you?
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the irony is that I write anti-narrative but still it flows and still I like adjectives so I think this kind of works.

nighty night.
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