May 29th, 2004


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little Santiago is irresistibly drawn to this area in my room where I put fur and bones and trinkets that have that pull of their own for me and it is the one spot I do not want him playing. every time he goes up there I pick him up and put him on the floor and point him in another direction. inevitably he works his way back and I do the same. sometimes I toss him out of my room and close the door.

the problem is the little shithead purrs every time I pick him up. if I ban him from my room for a few minutes he just plays and has a grand time with whatever is in the hallway. how can behavior modification work if the subject can't differentiate between punishment and reward?

little doof.
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mutts shadow


the litterboxes have been changed!

*the skies open, angels descend, and cats everywhere raise a refrain of joy for Jackson and Santiago*
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