May 31st, 2004

mutts earl


I'm thinking of buying an ipod. I'll tell you why. it's not to be cool and it's not to give in to the trend but rather it's that mp3s are slowly eating my harddrive and either I get an ipod to transfer them all to or I get a new harddrive for my powerbook which is all of a year old.

I have an mp3 player. I'm happy with it because it is a cd mp3 player so that it can travel around with more music than your average flash mp3 player. it's bigger than any of them--the size of a portable cd player--but a cd full of mp3s is over ten hours of music. it sounds pretty nice. it doesn't skip. I paid $150 for it two years ago and though I suppose it has lived a useful life I really don't see why I should consign it to the unused technology bin when it still works well.


of course I wouldn't be buying the ipod. I'd be putting it on credit. that in and of itself is probably not such a hot idea.

on the other other hand if I buy one now it will be obsolete by the time I declare bankruptcy and so maybe no one will take it away from me.

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I have to get out of this chair and out of this house. now.

I don't know how far I have the energy to walk but will keep to bus routes in case I poop out.

dilemma: go to castro, see what's on sale at Clif's (¢heap) or go downtown to Apple store even though I don't think the fuckers are having any kind of memorial day sale (expen$ive).

I do realize a walk could occur without spending money. really I do.
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