June 2nd, 2004


night? day?

I just got up from what turned out to be an eight-hour nap. I guess napping after 5pm is not the best idea. I hadn't even taken off my clothes. the cats woke me up because, since it was just supposed to last an hour or so, I did not feed them before the nap.

now what. in a sec I guess I'll see if I can squeeze out another five or six hours.

this is dumb.
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talk talk talk

here is something long to add to the long thing that is already long. the second half is composed partially with stuff I've written here over the past few days but with extensive revisions so that if you can convince yourself to read it again you will find plenty that you did not read before.

this is pretty much what I've been doing when I haven't been too worn out to do anything but watch the Simpsons and South Park. I'm not sure I'm entirely happy with it yet but one must move on after a while.

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