June 11th, 2004


about last night

another million dollars on dvds yesterday. I seem to be making some headway against evening crappy mood by watching westerns. so I bought a bunch of them. last night was Little Big Man with a very young Dustin Hoffman. I've been watching the "Indian-friendly" films because I suspect that, say, a John Wayne movie would just get the little fascists in my head going.

I did pick up a couple of Clint Eastwood flicks but complicated views on wild west violence don't trigger me particularly and I find them interesting.

also I can convince myself that I'm kind of doing work when I watch these things. although the dissertation will not address film directly and although I won't be writing specifically about westerns at all for several months I figure it won't hurt to get a certain frame of mind in place so that I can keep sight of the end while I'm writing the beginning.

this also helps to justify the capital outlay.

after the movie a couple of episodes of the Simpsons takes me right on into bedtime without too much undue anguish.

that said, the good-in-the-morning-shitty-at-night bouncing ball act is somewhat tiring still.
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oh and I got my hair cut yesterday. this is exciting because I only haul myself to the barbershop about once every six months and each time I swear I'm going to keep up with it this time but never do. if I manage not to teach at all this year maybe I can pay more attention to my hair!

but so it is shorter I think than I've ever gotten it before. there almost is no point in putting goo in it it is so short. I like it though. thinking that when time comes to shave the head because the hair on top has given out completely I won't look so bad.

firing up webcam so you can take a peek at the new lovely me.
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yeah I don't think I'm going to make it out to see shannon wright tonight. my back has been hurting since the middle of the night last night when I woke up in a weird position and since my knees and back are the first to complain when I stand in clubs to listen to bands I don't know just how I would hold up.

that and she's not going on till midnight.

it's annoying getting older but at the same time I have a certain perspective that tells me that going to bed really is worth missing out on things I want to see or hear.

at least when Patti Smith plays she goes on at nine so we can all get home to bed by 11:30. bless aging rockers.
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