June 12th, 2004

mutts earl


slept in till 9! wo0t. would have slept longer but Santiago decided he needed to forage right next to my face. the only way to distract him was to get him to attack my feet which is lots of fun but also not conducive to rest.

today I must (I must!) go through a large backlog of relatively recently acquired music to see what needs to be made into mp3s for the hard drive and then into an mp3 cd for compact portable listening. in order to do this most efficiently I have to listen to every song and decide whether or not to rip/burn it. that is the process is not efficient but the resulting file bulk is in that I tend only to really like three to four songs per album so there is no good reason to rip an album whole and entire.

so oh dear I have to spend most of the day listening to rock and roll. and other sorts of genres not so easily specified. dang.

the other thing I could do is install the drivers for the keyboard midi controller I got back before the big move down the hallway but could not unpack until the move was accomplished. it is sitting there beside me not hooked up in any way. it has been there for awhile but as you know I've been multiply distracted as of late.

also could learn cubase and battery and garageband. not all today I guess.

did I say I had a dissertation to write this summer?
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