June 19th, 2004

mutts earl


make fun of me if you will but I'm thinking the curiosa festival at the gorge august 21 might be just the thing to perk me up. mind you I'd mostly go to see interpol and although I have never seen the cure and twenty years ago would have squealed like a schoolgirl for the chance I suspect that by now they are insufferably old and pasty. and the chances are I'm sure quite nil that they'd play, say, all cats are grey, or one hundred years. but what the hey. I really liked the aging bunnymen. you never know.

but so anyone want to come along? I'm sure that trifling details like transportation and lodging will work themselves out nicely. with a credit card you can always get a car and a hotel room.

the tickets are horrendously expensive but if you want to spend $50 to stare across the columbia river on a warm summer night they go on sale this saturday morning. one person can order up to 8 and I'd be happy to obtain tickets for all but you would have to swear on a stack of satanic bibles to pay me back.
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